Where in Australia will Colpak drivers go to relocate vehicles?

We can move vehicles from and to anywhere in Australia. When necessary we will fly into remote locations such as mining sites to offer this service.


Does Colpak offer Repo services for commercial trucks and construction equipment?

Yes. This is a service that we offer Australia wide. Please contact us for more details.


How quickly can Colpak get started?

Our large fleet means that most services you require can be under way very quickly. Tilt trays and pilot vehicles for oversize loads can often be available within hours. Low loaders sometimes require a couple of days notice. The best thing to do is tell us what you need done and we will tell you how quickly we can be there.


When Colpak delivers something on my behalf how do I know when it arrives?

When we make a delivery on your behalf, we understand that we are representing your company. We work hard to uphold our reputation, and will do the same for you. Thanks to GPS tracking, we can give extremely accurate estimated time of arrival. When requested, we can provide you with a report of exactly when your delivery arrived.


Is there any time during the year when Colpak is unavailable?

Colpak operates 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, every week of the year. We are even available for work on public holidays and throughout the Christmas to New Year period.