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  • Logistics: Tailored Transport Solutions

    Our logistics team specialise in tailoring specific solutions to suit your property, budget and timeframe. If you have a challenging job that requires an extra level of expertise, our team is ready to tackle it. We take pride in providing premium service to all of our clients, and excel in quick, efficient turnaround to ensure your job is on the road as soon as possible. With a versatile fleet, unique trailers, swing lifts, trade plates and a team of experienced drivers, Colpak has the logistical support, equipment and skills required to complete extremely complex relocation and recovery jobs.

    Specialised Transport

    When it comes to creating custom solutions for clients, we put our best foot forward. Our team of experienced professionals understand transport logistics and the various needs of different industries. Our in-depth knowledge of Queensland, towing and heavy haulage allows us to provide client-tailored specialised transport solutions.

    Bulk Orders or One-Time Hauls

    If you’re in need of our services for a day, month or ongoing, Colpak treats all clients with equal respect and professionalism. If you have a piece of equipment to be transported locally or mining equipment to be taken across the state, give Colpak a call.

    Planned Moves

    Expert assistance is available for all logistical concerns and planning. We will work beside you to ensure every step is mapped out to deliver the best results from start to finish. Schedule your next haul with Colpak and have peace of mind that it will arrive, when and where, as promised.


    At our Brisbane Depot we are able to provide secure undercover storage. If you have something that needs to be relocated, but is not ready to dropped off at the Port of Brisbane or another location, we have the capacity to store equipment and vehicles short-term.