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    We specialise in haulage and transport logistics of deliveries both big and small. Do you have a car, ute, forklift or boat that needs to be relocated? We can move it for you. We have previously delivered a coffee machine! If you have something that needs to be delivered across town or across the continent, let us know what needs to get done. Colpak will transport your equipment where you need it, when you need it.

    Relocating Containers and Generators

    Containers are excellent options for shipping and storage, but at 20 – 40 feet in size, you’ll need the right vehicle to transport. That’s where Colpak comes in. We have a range of multi-faceted Tilt-Trays and Side Loaders capable of self-loading containers.

    Need a generator moved from the Port of Brisbane? With our swing-lift trailer, we have the ability to relocate generators swiftly and on demand.