The Colpak Story

Our team’s core values are built upon safety and reliability, ensuring platinum-level performance for all our heavy haulage, towing, vehicle transport and relocation services. Utilising our team’s years of specialised experience, family-orientated structure and care, we aim for continued customer satisfaction on all jobs, big or small. We have worked diligently to earn a reputation for rapid and efficient responses and loyal customer service. Our medium term goal is to expand our fleet to provide further immediate response services throughout Queensland, and Australia.


Established in Brisbane, Queensland, in January 2004, Colpak Logistics has experienced significant success and growth. We opened a second depot in Townsville in 2010 to cater to an ever-growing client base, as we become Queensland’s go-to logistics company.

Our company focuses on providing professional excellence for clients, and family-orientated care for employees remains a priority as we expand. We take pride in the long-term relationships we have with our employees. Dedicated and loyal staff allows us to continue to provide our clients with years of expertise and professionalism nurtured under the Colpak banner.

Over the years, we have established a strong reputation for providing the highest levels of safety, reliability and service to produce results. We look forward to our continued success with current and future clients

Our Team

Colin Pakai

Colin Pakai

Colin has an extensive background in towing and mechanics. He is a mechanic by trade and has been working within the towing industry for the past 30 years.

Colin completed a mechanical apprenticeship in New Zealand when he was 16. The company he apprenticed with had a fleet of tow trucks. Part of his responsibilities was to recover wrecked vehicles. It was then that his love for trucking and towing was born.

When Colin was 22 he moved to Brisbane. He started working with two of the largest tow truck companies in the area at the time. From this experience he gained additional skills and knowledge about towing and heavy haulage. Colin saw demand in the market for immediate response recovery and tow trucks to provide logistical transport solutions and heavy haulage. In 2004, he decided to establish a towing and heavy haulage company.

Colpak started in 2004, and Colin purchased his first truck in 2005. The company celebrated 10 years in business by opening a new depot, complete with a large fleet of trucks and vehicles capable of diverse jobs requirements.


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Lorreen Baker
Office Manager

Lorreen Baker

Loreen was trained to be a high school teacher. In 2005, she started down a radically different career path; Lorreen moved from New Zealand to Brisbane to help Colin start Colpak. Initially, she worked in administration and dispatch, but as the company grew, so did her responsibilities and skill-sets. Now she is a Jack-of-all-trades, and has a variety of roles she can fulfil as needed. Her primary role today is to hold down the fort as Colpak’s Office Manager.

After 10 years in the towing industry, she is aware of what is required on site, what vehicle is needed to complete the job and how long it will take. Over time, she has developed a strong rapport with drivers and clients alike. Loreen is excited about the success of the company and grateful for the support of drivers and customers over the past 10 years.

Sara-dean Pakai
Head Dispatcher

Saradeen Pakai

Sara-dean was hired by her uncle Colin, in 2010. Her first role for Colpak was to manage the Townsville depot. She quickly learned through experience, observation and making mistakes, how to run a tow-truck depot. Sara-dean became a dispatcher for the Brisbane location and was promoted to head dispatcher a year and a half later.

Sara-dean loves the challenge of problem-solving and coordinating the team. She enjoys the pressure of making sure jobs are done right and completed on time. Five years on the job, Saradeen is versatile, quick and capable of ensuring the job gets completed.