Our People

Our Driving Force

Behind every Colpak wheel is an expert driver and management team dedicated to delivering nothing less than a platinum-level service.

  • Colin Pakai


    Colin leads as our founder and director, boasting two decades of industry experience. His spirited approach uplifts the team, nurturing their skills and fostering an environment for better performance.

  • Angelique Oliver

    Human Resources

    Angelique has managed our Human Resources for the last 5 years and counting. Her favourite thing about working for Colpak is collaborating with kind-hearted individuals. Angelique is known for her tenacity and relentless commitment when working on projects.

  • Jacob Pakai

    Heavy Haulage Driver

    As Colin’s son, Jacob excels in Heavy Haulage. His favourite aspect of working for Colpak is contributing to a family legacy. Jacob possesses a unique skill set inherited from Col, and is keen to keep the family business moving forward.

  • Mason Pakai

    Heavy Haulage Driver

    With 6 years of heavy haulage experience, Mason is a valued member of the Colpak team. His favourite part of working for Colpak is the camaraderie with family and friends. Mason is known for maintaining composure even while handling massive loads, showcasing admirable coolness under pressure.

  • Bek Stollznow

    Office Manager

    Bek has held the key role of Office Manager for the last 5 years. Her favourite part of working for Colpak is the opportunity to grow and learn with freedom. Reliable and supportive, Bek is our go-to person for whenever anyone needs assistance.

  • Addison Mckenzie

    Linehaul Dispatcher

    With 8 years in the role, Addison is a skilled Line Haul Dispatcher. Her enthusiasm lies in exploring and capitalising potential opportunities within the transport industry.

  • Jon Watson

    Diesel Mechanic

    Jon is our highly qualified and experienced Diesel Mechanic. Joining us 3 years ago, he loves the support our company provides to enhance skills even further. Jon is known for his unwavering commitment to his role, consistently maintaining high standards in all tasks.