Health & Safety

Keeping Our Crew & Community Safe

With long hours, challenging roads and strict deadlines to meet, truck driving can be a dangerous gig. Drivers have enough to worry about with adding their health and safety to their list. At Colpak, we implement robust risk mitigation strategies to guarantee you get home safe and sound.

Your Safety – Our Priority

At Colpak, protecting our crew is our top priority. We make it our business to stay up to date with the top risks so we can actively mitigate them. Some of the leading risks include:


As part of our chain of responsibility, every Colpak member takes care of each other. If we see one of our drivers struggling with sleep deprivation or general tiredness, we do not let them get behind the wheel. Getting a job done is important, but your safety will always take priority.

Road Conditions

Our fleet uses the latest route optimisation software to help predict traffic, weather and road obstacles. This way, our drivers can avoid dangerous roads and get to their destination quickly and safely.

Mechanical Failures

We understand it’s not only frustrating for your heavy haulage vehicle to break down, malfunction or blow a tyre, it can be life threatening in the wrong conditions. Colpak’s vehicles are regularly serviced and maintained, adhering to the highest safety standards to ensure a smooth journey every time.

Inadequate Training

Every Colpak driver participates in ongoing safety training to uphold our stellar safety track record. By keeping our team refreshed on all risk management regulations and updates, we can protect them in all possible scenarios.

We Care About Your Wellbeing Too

Recent studies have shown that truck drivers face an alarmingly high risk of suicide. Colpak strives to knock down these statistics by lifting our crew up. As a family-oriented workplace, we encourage open communication so everyone feels heard and valued.

Our Trusted Partners & Affiliates

By connecting and surrounding ourselves with honest, reputable companies, we can join forces to provide a consistent, valuable service.