Celebrating 20 Years

A Legacy Built on Loyalty and Perseverance

After 20 years on the road, we’re beyond proud to be Australia’s go-to heavy haulage and logistics company.

Humble Beginnings for a Family-Owned Business

Colpak has evolved from its modest beginnings as one family man’s dream into a powerhouse in heavy haulage and logistics. Despite now dominating the industry, we have stayed true to our roots and grounded in our core values. We continue to treat each team member as family and partner with like-minded companies, upholding our mission to provide an unbeatable service Australia-wide.

The Driving Force Behind Our Success

With diverse backgrounds, cultures, and experiences, the Colpak team unites under one common goal – moving Australia forward. We celebrate the value each crew member adds to our organisation. Their time, dedication, and expertise keep us thriving – we would get nowhere without them!

Expanding Our Fleet – Broadening Our Horizons

As we gear up for the future, we look towards new and exciting ways to improve our services, processes and fleet. With the introduction of advanced, all-Volvo trucks and innovative fleet management software, we can keep up with industry demands and navigate any roadblocks that land in our way.