Moving Towards a Greener Future

It’s no secret – the transport and logistics industry is one of Australia’s largest greenhouse gas contributors. Discover how Colpak implements practical environmental responsibility into daily operations and projects to help move us towards a better world.

Keeping it Real

Today, the transport and logistics sector is responsible for roughly a quarter of global carbon dioxide emissions. Colpak proactively works to curb our individual environmental impacts, such as fuel usage and pollution, by choosing shorter, cost-efficient routes. Using fleet management and route optimisation software, we swiftly navigate Australian terrain and predict optimal roads based on traffic and weather.

We also make a conscious effort to partner with renewable energy projects, such as solar and wind farms, contributing to the bigger picture.

Sustainability in Motion

We acknowledge that we are a far cry away from being part of an environmentally-friendly industry. However, we do our part by pushing the boundaries of innovation and taking the time to learn about how we can change for the better. Slow progress is still progress after all.

As we continue to grow, we aim to:

  • Implement more advanced fleet management technologies
  • Gradually upgrade our fleet to more sustainable models
  • Improve our use of recycled materials
  • Investigate and update our waste management plans

Partnering with Like-Minded Companies

By connecting and surrounding ourselves with honest, reputable companies, we can join forces to create a more sustainable future.