We have an extensive range of multi-purpose vehicles

The Colpak fleet consists of a wide array of vehicles capable of performing a variety of jobs to ensure we have what you need, when you need it. No two vehicles are the same. With custom Colpak designs incorporated into the construction of our vehicles, we can provide you with specialised solutions to suit your job.

  • Under-Lift Units (up to 100 tonne)
  • Multi-faceted Tilt-Trays
  • Super Tilt (up to 27 tonne)
  • Pilot Vehicles – Available at short notice
  • Variety of Trailers all with appropriate ramps & winches
  • All trucks capable of hauling wide loads
  • New & Reliable – Entire fleet less than three years old

Pilot Vehicle

Small Vehicle Recovery

Small Tilt Tray

Large Tilt Tray

Super Tilt

Tri Axle

Quad Axle Low Loader

Quad Axle Low Loader with Dolly


Under Lift

Swing Lifter

Dog Trailer