Case Study

The Case of the Stolen Front-end Loader

Early in 2015, a front-end loader was stolen and ditched in Queensland’s wilderness. The loader was pilfered from a forestry and taken for a wild joy ride. Once it was deep in the woods, the thieves set it on fire and fled.

The abandoned machine became a safety concern and an insurance liability. It needed to be removed and Colpak was called for logistical support and our expertise in heavy haulage recovery. A team member worked with the local police to locate the burnt out vehicle and scope out the best route . The forestry roads were narrow, requiring investigative work to map out how Colpak’s large truck would be able to retrieve the 12-tonne front-end loader. Under normal circumstances, it would go on a semi-trailer. As a semi could not access the loader, Colpak used a twin steer dual axle with a tilt tray. Most companies would have needed two trucks to complete the job, but with specialized equipment, Colpak was able to recover the front-loader with one. We made a complicated job simple, affordable and with less of an impact on the environment.

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