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Colpak Logistics Heavy Haulage – Keeping Australia Moving

Keeping Australia Moving: Colpak Logistics, Heavy Haulage Heroes

Heavy Haulage is 100 tonne machinery, equipment, vehicles, you name it. We provide secure, speedy, no-fuss solutions for all of Australia. With our diverse and durable fleet, we can haul up to 140 tonnes with real-time GPS tracking. We’ve been providing tailored transport services since 2004, and we’re partnered with reputable companies to provide exceptional services.

At Colpak, we leverage cutting-edge technology, combined with our industry experience we’re able to move the heaviest loads Australia-wide. From planning to delivery: Fast and effective heavy haulage from our dedicated team of drivers and staff. We offer immediate heavy haulage solutions and rapid response to all job inquiries to ensure your cargo is delivered quickly, safely and efficiently.

Colpak trucks hit the road from Brisbane to North Queensland every night and at least once a week to Sydney and Melbourne. So if you need equipment transported anywhere in Australia, day or night, we’re ready. Our skilled and fully-licensed drivers will take on any challenge, size doesn’t scare us – in fact, the bigger, the better!

At Colpak, we acknowledge that the transport industry is one of the biggest contributors to greenhouse gas emissions. We don’t shy away from this fact, but rather make proactive and practical efforts within our company to move towards a greener future.

We know time is money – we’re ready to discuss your heavy haulage and logistics needs right now. Contact us today to get your cargo moved ASAP or, to learn more about why we’re Australia’s no.1 choice.

Let’s Get Moving.